[sdiy] suggestions for extra modules in DIY EMS VCS3

ganesha goaqihai at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 11 20:06:39 CEST 2010

> I had an AKS for a long time. One mod Robin did for me that
> I used all the time is an inverter. Because of the stereo
> nature of the instrument, an inverter is extremely handy for
> creating panning modulations etc. I would highly recommend
> adding one, unless one of your existing modules has one
> incorporated.
> I often wished I had an extra trapezoid, so it's good
> you'll have two. Multiple filters will be great to have
> too.
> Do any of those oscillators have sync? That's a mod that's
> very nice to have also.
> Also, what about VC reverb? The Synthi reverb has its own
> character, breaks up wonderfully, and I think is a vital
> part of the Synthi sound. I can't imagine a Synthi without
> one.
> -- ./luther

Thanks for the reply. I'm interested in hearing more about the inverter. Is it the modification that adds a switch to the trapezoid to invert its polarity, or do you mean an extra module that inverts every control voltage that is fed in the inverter module?

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