[sdiy] I've got one word for you: Plastics

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One word for Hammonds: BB Organ.

See the website at http://www.bborgan.com let Rich or Bill know I sent you
and you will be well taken care of.  I know Bill has tons of keys for many
of the models, I suspect the price would be far less than the hassle of
making your own (if he has them).

James R. Coplin

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Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted anything.  My current project is
getting my Hammond H-111 organ fully operational.  It's in strikingly good
condition, but several of the 50-year-old plastic keys have broken.  Instead
of buying someone else's 50-year-old keys pulled from a donor organ, I am
trying to cast new ones.  Using a Smooth-On OOMOO 30 silicone rubber and
Smooth-Cast 300 urethane plastic I have made a mold and cast a key.  The
resulting key is good and mounts in place nicely, but the new plastic is not
quite as rigid as the original one.  As an EE, materials science is pretty
far outside of my working knowledge.  Does anyone know of a better plastic
that I could use at home for key casting? 


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