[sdiy] Monosynth features poll

Florian Anwander fanwander at mnet-online.de
Tue Jan 26 15:43:00 CET 2010


> 1) number of VCOs
> 1a) essential waveforms
1b) I prefer basses with a single VCO, but with waveform modulation. If
dual VCO is wanted, then you MUST have Waveform reset by the gate-on.

> 2) number of LFOs
Two is better, but one is ok; more important: The frequency must go up
to at least 3kHz - better 5kHz.

> 3) Filters
switchable 12/24 dB/oct
Feed the VCO sine direct to the VCA and introduce a balance control
between Sine and VCF-out.
Resonance should be controllable by an AD-envelope

> 4) Envelope Generators
I prefer the Moog Rogue style envelopes.

> 5) Noise
Not necessarily for a Bass-Synth, but ok, for sequences. Perhaps with an
additional VCA and decay-only envelope.

> 6) sequencer/arpegiator
Yes Yes Yes - SH-101!

> 7) Other odd and fun circuits (e.g. Electronotes Timbre Modulator)

Add an overdrive stage after the Filter (then you do not need a second


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