[sdiy] PPG Wave SSM2044 filter

Matthias.Herrmann at jeppesen.com Matthias.Herrmann at jeppesen.com
Fri Jan 22 08:31:24 CET 2010

synth-diy-bounces at dropmix.xs4all.nl wrote on 01/22/2010 02:54:49 AM:
> Does anyone know/care to speculate on why the PPG Wave used a non- 
> standard capacitor value for the final stage of the filter?
> Would it affect the filter's rolloff or resonance?

in the MIDIbox forum i read it would affect the resonance (no proof 
though). however, if you change the filter caps values and keep the ratio 
it would only affect the cutoff, as you mention.



> Most designs follow the datasheet and use 10n for the first three, 
> and 820p for the last one. PPG Wave uses 620p.
> The Korg Trident/Monopoly use 6n8 and 560p, but this doesn't actually 
> change the ratio at all, only the basic cutoff.
> http://www.electricdruid.com/index.php?page=info.ssm2044
> Thanks,
> Tom
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