[sdiy] Linearized 2164 VCA Warning

Paul Maddox paul.Maddox.mail-list at Synth.net
Tue Dec 28 09:31:53 CET 2010

>> Or simply... don't use a cheap-ass op-amp like the TL074 for a
>> critical DC application.  Its "good enough" for non-critical use
>> (typical audio path) where DC accuracy is not paramount, but for
>> important CV circuits you really need to choose components that
>> favour DC operation (low offsets, low drift, etc).
> Yes, but first one needs to understand the problem.  This is actually the
> very first time in three-plus years of synth-DIY activity that the offset of
> TL07x presented any discernible problem.

A picture being worth a thousand words, has anyone got drawings of
what's going on? I don't quite follow the words.
I'm using the SSM2164 in something I'm making and I've followed the
datasheet, so if there's additional "wisdom" to be gathered from
previous experience, I'm keen to understand it.


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