[sdiy] Need a good home for "gateways into electronics"

dan snazelle subjectivity at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 19 16:56:39 CET 2010

well based on some online recommendations which heralded this book as 2nd only to "The Art of Electronics" I purchased Peter Carol Dunn's GATEWAYS INTO ELECTRONICS.

I am now willing to trade it or even give it away to anyone who might actually get something out of it.

From the reviews I read, it was said that DUNN provides many clear insights into electronics but the first thing I noticed was how much math was scattered throughout the pages.

And there is little besides math. So this is more likely something a physics student or EE would really get a lot out of but until I get more math, it isnt going to get read.

SO....A trade of some electronics book would be great or even some chips but if not, I just want it to go to a good home. And dont get me wrong, the book looks like it is FULL of great engaging topics. I wish I could understand it.

let me know!


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