[sdiy] Multimeter advice?

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Mon Dec 13 03:18:58 CET 2010

Haven't been doing any electronics for a while - and then suddenly
I noticed that none of my multimeters were to hand.
A few moments later, it occured to me that the sneak thief that
crept upstairs & took 2 phones & 2 cameras and a set of very high end
earphones must have taken my  multimeters as well.


So, if anyone has advice on what I should get, for general analog
pokery, I am all ears.
1. any good secondhand models to be found regularly on ebay?
2. any reasonably OK Chinese types?
3. Any amazing deals to be had?

I'm in Australia, which means it's going to come from somewhere more than 
miles away, anyhow. At least the $Australia is high at the moment.

paul perry Melb Australia 

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