[sdiy] SH2000 mod (wavetables)

Gil W. gil_we at yahoo.com
Tue May 26 22:15:31 CEST 2009

OK so I have a nice (but old) SH2000 here, which I'd like to have modded as described in the following review, but I'm not quite sure I got what this guy meant... Can someone put some light on it please ?

** here's the review **

The SH-2000 has a wavetable divider oscillator, and this particular goody you can actually get access to, and best of all very easily.
You simply have to open you SH-2000 and reconnect the wires to all the preset-rocker-switches - sort of making a straight pass.
When this operation is done, you will have some kind of a Roland SH-2000 "Sigma".(Like The Korg KP-30 Sigma)
Goz now you can mix all waveforms simultaniously. Thust me! this takes the SH-2000 to another level. You will not be disappointed, coz now it will make sounds that even the grand SH-5 can't do. The SH-3A has a divider oscillator but not as complex as this one and the SH-7 has a four octaves Square oscillator but very simple.


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