[sdiy] synth related diy - my CNC engraving machine

Jason Tribbeck Jason.Tribbeck at ascom.com
Tue May 26 16:51:01 CEST 2009


> This has taken me way too long to get working, but im now into
> Here are some photos -
> http://www.zen9084.zen.co.uk/cnc/1.jpg
> http://www.zen9084.zen.co.uk/cnc/2.jpg
> http://www.zen9084.zen.co.uk/cnc/3.jpg
> http://www.zen9084.zen.co.uk/cnc/4.jpg
> Its got some way to go yet before the output will be as id like it,
but, as
> you can seen in the 4th photo, things arent bad on even the handfull
> tests ive done.

Absolutely fantastic - I'm about to start the 2nd version of mine next
month (I've got all the motors and bits; just need some workshop time).

What speed/accuracy do you get out of yours?

Jason Tribbeck
.sig MIA

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