[sdiy] synth related diy - my CNC engraving machine

Julian julian at port23.co.uk
Tue May 26 16:42:20 CEST 2009

This has taken me way too long to get working, but im now into testing.

Here are some photos -


Its got some way to go yet before the output will be as id like it, but, as 
you can seen in the 4th photo, things arent bad on even the handfull of 
tests ive done.

Ive only tested the engraving spindle yet, but i also have a high wattage 
milling tool (routing of non-ferous metals) and a low-run out precision 
spindle (mechanical pcb production)

Anyway, i know a few people on the list have expressed interest previously, 
but im sure noone can be happier than Steve Thomas ( 
http://www.synthi.co.uk/ ) whom it seems i have been badgering for ever 
about this!

(Some of you may recall Steve used to do engraving for people - when he 
quit, he foolishly suggested i should build my own machine... and has been 
helping me ever since - thank you Steve!)

...next project, a biodiesel reactor (although ill bore people on other 
mailing lists about that one ; )


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