[sdiy] Using 16V8's and 22V10's and the like

Colin Hinz asfi at eol.ca
Tue May 26 08:54:15 CEST 2009

When implementing small amounts of assorted logic, whether it be "glue"
or small state machines, nothing's as compact as a Programmable Logic
Device (PLD) such as a 16V8 or 22V10. Ok, I'll admit that I'm a bit
biased by the fact that I'm probably sitting on a binary tonne of the
parts in question....

Trouble is, my access to suitable programmers has completely dried
up, and there seems to be an enormous price gap between the cheap
and really sketchy mystery programmers that pop up on eBay, and the
"our programming algorithms are for real" professional-grade machines
that no sane hobbyist can justify buying.

I'm not looking for a hugely versatile programmer that can accomodate
every DIP/PLCC PLD known to mankind. I just want to do the most
popular types of PAL/GAL chips, though if I can do EPROMs and FLASH
as well that would be gravy.

Anyone got any recommendations? I'm OK with used gear, provided it
comes with software that'll run on a Win98 (or newer) PC, although I
confess I'd make an exception for an Apple ][+ peripheral :-)

- Colin

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