[sdiy] Your favourite transistor book(s)

Justin Owen juzowen at googlemail.com
Mon May 25 14:43:31 CEST 2009

Thanks to everyone for their input on this - it's been a huge help.

The study guide to AofE looks like it's going to do the job - I'm always forgetting how clearly things are explained in there - and there's lot's of practical "measure here, measure there" exercises - which is just what I needed.

All from a book I already own. Duh.

A couple of people have recommended the Malvino book as a good supplement/addition to AofE and since there's some cheap second hand copies of the 3rd edition available I might just grab a copy.

FWIW, I spent some time on the weekend working on the current source and the biasing on the Collector and Emitter. It's now a LOT more steady and I'm feeling like I have the 'interaction' between C, B and E a bit more sussed.

...perhaps it's time for that all-transistor differential amplifier.

Thanks again.


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