[sdiy] pre Uprocessor schematics with ADC/DAC?

Cary Roberts cary.roberts at retrosynth.net
Thu May 21 20:50:52 CEST 2009

>this might be a strange request but i am very interested in ANY
>information/links/ideas on finding old schematics from the 70's
>(audio related but not just necessarily synth) that use Analog
>to Digital Converters AND Digital To Analog converters but which
>use logic instead of a microprocessor to control them.

Most all of the DeltaLab gear including the Harmonizer were processor free.
If you want synth stuff look at the Oberheim Four and Eight voice key
assigners and programmers.  I'm not really sure why you'd want to avoid a
microprocessor when there is such good support out there for stuff like the
Arduino and Microchip PICs.


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