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In the UK, RS stock them as:

http://snipurl.com/ih1zl  [uk_rs-online_com]

Farnell have Kits, though out of stock at the moment. there is a data sheet


You do need the wiring combs. I never used one for audio, apart from PCB
track repairs and PCB 'modding'. I used the system  a lot for logic board
prototyping. If you make a mistake, you just snip out the wire ends; don't
try and draw the wire back out of the combs - you can get shorts by wearing
away the casing. The other point is the trick of bending the IC socket pins
outwards so that the wire hooks neatly around them - in the original kits
there was a tool for doing this. I nearly always used the proto boards with
the power distribution strips, and hard wired the power and the local caps,
before going on with the vero wire  Roadrunner is a similar system, (if not
the same one!). Andre is absolutely right about wire tracing. I always did a
net list and wired from that. I always used sockets too, unless it was a
very simple device, even using DIL headers for things like timing caps and
pull up resistors. You can build very quickly with it.

No problem using it for gate currents and switches.

Beware of the vapour given off when soldering - it is toxic. You need decent
ventilation in your work area. I had a case fan connected to a duct which
whisked the vapour outside.

Not to be confused with proper wire wrap (very good - I still use it), or
the prototyping wire wrap system that used a wire that was supposed to cut
it's insulation on the wire wrap pins. Stay away from that one, (if it still



> To achieve that, I think you have to use their plastic combs.
> Otherwise, you'll end up with a rat's nest. (And with that kind of
> insulation, that could easily become a nest of shorts, I imagine.)
> It must be difficult to trace wires when they all run through
> plastic combs.
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