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David Ingebretsen dingebre at 3dphysics.net
Thu May 21 08:41:20 CEST 2009

Well, here is my claim to fame.

In the 70's, my older brother started Soundstream with Tom Stockham, and
literally started the digital sound generation. I worked for him for a
summer wire wrapping "discrete" 16 bit A/D and D/A converters. One A/D or
D/A was probably about 15 full size cards in a flight case. I still remember
when Fleetwood Mac was in the studio editing their first digital recording
on the first "real-time digital editor". It ran on a DEC PDP-11 series and I
had to continually swap out the ten Meg multi-layer disk packs as they
edited the song because it took up several of the packs. My brother actually
finally won an Oscar (technical achievement) for his part about 10 years
ago. All I got were blood shot eyes and a stiff neck bending over the dang
boards :)

Anyway, I was the first one to hand wrap a card without errors (loud slap on
my own back), the first card I wrapped. It had dozens of IC's, resistors,
capacitors, and transistors. I'm just amazed any of it worked at all. They
hauled that stuff all over the world literally, and had little trouble with

So my two bits is wire wrapping worked great for us in the day for analog
and digital audio. I still have a pen, wires, and pins. I get tempted to
build with it sometimes for old times sake.


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