[sdiy] converting a 10v p to p to a 0-5 volt signal

Adam Schabtach lists at studionebula.com
Thu May 21 03:01:32 CEST 2009

> I don't think you understand the problem you are trying to solve.  

I think that you are correct in thinking that I lack understanding of the
problem I'm trying to solve. :-)
> Its not the voltage that is the problem - its the current 
> that flows into/out of the pin when the applied voltage is 
> large enough to turn on the internal ESD protection diodes.

Okay, that makes sense. You're right that I hadn't actually thought about
what that Absolute Maximum Rating actually means.
> A common and cheap input protection is a current limiting 
> resistor (say 220ohms) followed by a diode to each rail (VDD, 
> GND) just before the pin. 

I see. That would certainly be cheap and simple. Thanks!


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