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Scott Scott at scottwick.com
Thu May 21 01:16:41 CEST 2009

I did find how many ma the wire I have can handle, so maybe I should change my question..

How much current does an average gate signal pull?  I'm not sure how to calculate that. (would the module the gate is plugged into make a difference in the calculation?)

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Check out this page:


The guy says this wire is 40 awg. Now according to this chart:


...it states 40 gauge wire can handle 1049 Ohms per 1000 ft. Firgure out your current, and that will answer any questions you might have about the practicality of using this wire for any given module.

Michael Bechard

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Sure, I've gotten a few replies asking the same thing, so I'll post it to the list..

I got mine from the Canadian distributor listed on the vero website.
http://www.verotl.com/vero-wire  - info page http://www.verotl.com/vero-technologies-ltd-canada-usa-distributors  US/Canada distributors

One US company said they only handle larger orders.  Then I contacted the other US company and the Canadian company.  The other US company was about 2x the cost of the Canadian company (counting for money conversion and shipping and all!)
YMMV... I'd imagine at small companies like that it depends which sales guy gets the message, and if they think they can screw you cause you're the little guy, or if they want to help you out cause you're the little guy.

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I don't have an answer for your question, but could you tell me where  
you got the pen? I've been looking for one ever since I saw TK use it  
for his mbseq led matrix.



On May 20, 2009, at 4:11 PM, "Scott" <Scott at scottwick.com> wrote:

> I've got this vero-prototype system wire pen thing.  (Sorry I can't  
> remember the proper name for it)  It's a pen w/ a spool of some fine  
> wire w/ some sort of insulation on it.  You use it to wrap around  
> posts and things for quick prototype work.  When you heat the wire  
> to solder it, it melts through the insulation in that spot.  I used  
> it on some midibox digital projects for wiring up 100's of led's and  
> some encoders.
> I use thicker wire for my modular.  I'm building a sequencer and  
> have to do some tricky behind the panel wiring between switches and  
> pots and jacks for some things I'm doing w/ the gate outputs.  Do  
> you think it would be safe to use this fine wire for it?
> Unfortunately I don't know the gauge of the wire, and I have nothing  
> to... gauge it on (literally and figuratively) .  It's thinner than  
> 26awg, I can tell you that much.
> If anyone knows what I'm talking about, do you think I can use it?  
> It would sure go about 4x faster if I don't have to clip and strip  
> every connection.
> thanks!
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