[sdiy] Codovox White Elephant Moog / Satellite aka GhettoMoog

Loscha loscha at gmail.com
Tue May 19 09:01:47 CEST 2009

Well, as hilarious as that sounds. I think getting a case shipped to
Australia from the US of A would defeat the purpose of my trying to
liquidate or get rid of said white elephant.

 I've seen a few people in trendy pop bands hollow out the white case
and use them to house their boring MIDI controllers (dude from Beck's
touring band for one).


On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 5:01 PM, Bob Weigel <sounddoctorin at imt.net> wrote:
> Wow..Loscha.  I think we have the plastic shell for it :-).  You'll have to
> deal with Paul Haugen to get it..who is desperate to make payments on some
> things.  But I'm sure if you talk to him he'll off it for something
> reasonable.  I didn't see the kind of shape that it's in.  BUT I was just in
> the storage yesterday and the other guy with me from Berkely, pointed out
> what it was as he was looking everything over. -Bob
> Loscha wrote:
>> So, I've got one.
>> I didn't pay anything for it.
>> It's cactus. Some of the bottom of it is a bit rusty, and kind of evil
>> looking (as shown in #12)
>> Missing the white plastic shell. The Moog top two layers are ok.
>> Has anyone tried to extract the Moog bits and make something useful.
>> it has all the socketed chips (matched pairs, 3080s in metal cans and
>> whatnot).
>> The undersides of the Moog keyboard (the top one) seem pretty ok.
>> There are enough key contacts and spare keys across both keyboards to
>> swap around, and to make that a goable concern. Bipolar power supply
>> is nothing special. I have that stuff. It looks like a Satellite would
>> take CV/Gate without too much drama, so someone could use it as that.
>> I'm not going to power it up as it is, as the power supplies are dodgy
>> looking, and I don't want to blow up stuff, or zap myself.
>> Anyone want to buy it from me? Just the Moog part? Is it worth
>> parting out? The filter doesn't have resonance as factory (well, the
>> sweeping bandpass does, not the lowpass). A lot of the sliders for the
>> synth part are busted.
>> Any thoughts?
>> The images: about 3 mb worth.
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-01.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-02.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-03.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-04.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-05.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-06.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-07.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-08.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-09.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-10.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-11.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-12.jpg
>> www.loscha.com/images/GhettoMoog-13.jpg
>> -ErJ
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