[sdiy] Modular finally up and running!

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Sun May 17 09:57:31 CEST 2009

Well, fellow sdiy'ers, today has been a good day.  Don't laugh, but I
finally got my little modular (modest though it is) up and running this
evening, after many weeks of effort.  Granted, I've only got four modules
and a power supply so far (I'm doing everything from scratch), but it sure
was satisfying to power it up and have it all working together.  It looks
nice too, in MOTM format with bare aluminum and black graphics in a pinewood
case.  Plus, everything I've designed so far has worked exactly as intended,
which is also pretty gratifying.

So, I've got two full-featured VCOs, a triple LFO, and something I call a
"multiplying modulator".  Tomorrow, I'll test out the very elaborate 4-pole
filter design I've had sitting on a breadboard for two weeks, and if all
works as planned I'll start laying out a board and a front panel for that.
Then, I guess I'll need an envelope generator, a sample-and-hold unit, and a
VCA.  I also have two matrix keyboards in need of scanning circuits, and a
pile of parts for a 16-step sequencer... the fun never ends!

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