[sdiy] Re: [AH] JH. "Living Vocoder" plans

JH. jhaible at debitel.net
Fri May 15 16:29:12 CEST 2009

>id be interested too,
>but would like to know more details, like number of bands,
>bells/whistles like sybilance bypass, acess to indiv band i/o etc..
>what type of sound is this gonna go after? ems? bode?

Haible. :)

No, seriously: I try to include what I consider the best of Sennheiser, EMS, 
ETI and Roland.
It probably owes the most to EMS, but it will in no way be a clone.

I have made some demos with a preliminary version I've built on veroboard 
many years ago.
This is *not* from the upcoming "Living Vocoder", though:





There will be Freeze, symmetric and assymmetric slew control (a la EMS), a 
multifilter function with filtered silence bridging (a la Sennheiser), a 
compander for high dynamic range (a la Roland Vocoder Plus), and the filters 
will most probably be calibrated bands al a ETI (which I like better than 
the uncalibrated EMS filters).
I also plan to make an interface for external patch storage and CV control. 
just the interface, not the storage.)


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