[sdiy] Bringing Minimoog Osc2 back to life

Travis Thatcher recompas at yahoo.com
Thu May 14 19:38:29 CEST 2009

I've got a really nice early mini from my neighbor that I'm thinking of purchasing. Its in really good shape, apart from Osc2 being out.  I took it apart and inspected the voice board for any obvious problems. I verified that its definitely a problem from the voiceboard or before it, by taking audio from the osc2 saw output of the board as well as checking with a scope (nothing).  I swapped the 3080's (i don't have any spares) and no dice.  I replaced the 2 741s (ic4 and 5) with lm 741 chips.  I checked the trimmers, and they appear okay. i noticed that ic4 pin 6 is 5.26-5.33c while ic1 and ic6 pin 6 are each changing around, depending on note from 4.88 - 4.94v.

any help would be awesome.


 Travis Thatcher



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