[sdiy] Scope manual - Philips PM3350A

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Thu May 14 15:00:07 CEST 2009

Not the manual but a leaflet is here:

Maybe useful too...



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Hi all,

Just on the hunt for a user manual for new (2nd-hand) scope I got - the 
Philips PM3350A (seems like a nice scope - digital controlled analogue - 
good price for such power & features)

I've not been able to find any free manuals online, though could 
purchase one perhaps.
But, if anyone happens to have one kicking about (pdf perhaps) that 
would be greatly appreciated.
Probably little need for the service manual - just the user one.

Tom / BugBrand

Ps - hope this isn't too off-topic - the scope is very much for SDIY work!
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