[sdiy] good books on electronic music/ electronics history?

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Wed May 13 22:04:20 CEST 2009

Yeah, the Strange book is around on Rapidshare if you look for it ;-)

Another one which I photocopied from a library in the Netherlands is 
"Analog Elelctronic Music Technicques (In Tape, Electronic, and 
Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer Studios)" by Joel Naumann and James D. 
Wagoner (Schirmer Books, 1985). Very well illustrated, and quite similar 
to what I've seen so far in the Strange book (but maybe harder to come 
by if you don't live in "Phillips-town" Eindhoven like I did once...) It 
was my first exposure to analog synthesis stuff, and I used what I 
learned from it for years in Pure Data programming before I finally got 
a modular.


Horton wrote:
> The Allen Strange book....there HAS to be PDF's of that old dinosaur
> floating around. Someone hit me with a download link or something
> off-list? There's no reason for people to be paying old, irrelevant
> McGraw-Hill ANYTHING for their mimeograph-quality print-on-demand
> horse crap. Give me a bound textbook or GTFO

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