[sdiy] AD/DA schematics? quantizers,etc

Dan Snazelle subjectivity at hotmail.com
Wed May 13 16:45:44 CEST 2009

check this out:


i was going to try and build it as it uses an ADC0808 but he only labels pins up to 20!....so now i dont know if he just didnt touch pins 21-28 or if i have a totally different chip

this is all very confusing!

i found another schematic that uses an ADC0804 for the input and it seems VERY different than an adc0808 in that it only has a + and a - input instead of 8 multiplexed inputs.

in general are the ADC08xxx chips pretty easy to switch for another one in the series? or do i need to just go out and order the ADC0804 if thats what it calls for?

can anyone recommend a good book on AD/DA converters?


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> Subject: RE: [sdiy] AD/DA schematics? quantizers,etc
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> yes i have actually built quite a few crushers , some of my own design. they are cool but i am looking for something a bit different
> i suppose what i meant was i was interested in changing BOTH the sample rate AND bit rate of the incoming audio with an AD/DA setup
> thanks!
>> Dan,
>> One quick comment;
>>> i am really trying at first to make:
>>> a sample rate reducer or crusher
>> These are quite different, reducing the amount of digital data in
>> either the X or the Y direction.
>> For a sample-rate reduction type effect, you should have a look at
>> Tom Bugs' bugcrusher, although it isn't actually reducing any sample
>> rates. Rather it's an audio-rate S&H. Still, similar sound.
>> A real bitcrusher effect would be generated by sampling the input
>> with an A/D, then feeding only the most significant bits (you choose
>> how many) to the output D/A.
>> I've got this effect in software on my digital oscillator. It allows
>> you to reduce the output resolution from 16-bit down to 1-bit. This
>> is further than anyone really needs to go, but it made the control
>> easier to do!
>> HTH,
>> Tom
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