[sdiy] Coating aluminum

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Mon May 11 16:39:18 CEST 2009

Varathane Diamond water-based Polyurethane:

It takes some practice, but the results are excellent! Very durable, does
not yellow, and no thinners to damage graphics. Just make sure to apply thin
coats and give it time to dry.

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> Well, I've just put DecalProFX dry transfer decals on some bare aluminum
> panels (it was a fairly frustrating experience, but I've just about got
> hang of it now), and I'm looking for something to coat the panels with to
> make the printing durable.  I've tried Krylon Matte Finish clearcoat, but
> can scratch it off easily with my fingernail.  I'd like to use some kind
> clear lacquer (preferably acrylic), and I'm not looking to have to do a
> whole lot of surface preparation.
> Any tips?
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