[sdiy] Also re:Akai VX-90, what's A6082S chip?

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Sun May 10 05:09:28 CEST 2009

A6082S...I"m assuming probably a symmetrical op amp package but I can't 
find any hits.  Maybe the first symbol isn't really an A but a mfg 
code.  Hard to tell.  Anyone got a line on those and I'll update the web 
page on it for future wanderers...  I quickly glanced and the outputs of 
al the chips go to dual op amps for the current to voltage conversion of 
course and then out to who knows where.  There are two 13600's on board 
also.  Final vca and?  Anyway again let me know if anyone finds the 
service docs around.. -Bob

Bob Weigel wrote:

> I see a lot of owners manual links... I have one that gets stuck in 
> the auto-tune mode when you hit the button and it sounds like noisy 
> crud when you play a sequence to it.  Probably why it won't tune.  I 
> imagine it's a problem with whatever is mixing the CEM3394 outs and I 
> can probably figure it out tracing things fairly easy but wondered if 
> anyone had on top where one might get schematics.  I put my ax73 on 
> ebay and I'm going to try to fix the module since I dont't really need 
> another big keyboard in the way here :-). -Bob
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