[sdiy] CV from soundcard

Adam Schabtach lists at studionebula.com
Fri May 8 19:03:10 CEST 2009

> Volta is cute and clever, but it's NOT the same as a true 
> MIDI-CV converter.

It's not, but one of its more-clever features is the tuning mechanism. Since
the system calibrates itself with closed-loop feedback, all of the errors in
the system--including both the DAC accuracy and the pitch-tracking of the
VCO--are compensated for (in theory). I haven't tried it myself (and can't,
because I don't use Macs for music) but it seems to me that this calibration
mechanism would ameliorate many of the problems that have been discussed

Personally I think that's the most clever part of the whole product. I don't
know what happens if you want to drive two or more VCOs from one output,
though. I guess you'd calibrate it to one VCO and call the detuning between
it and any other VCOs connected to the same CV "analogue warmth and
richness". ;-)


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