[sdiy] modern AD/DA chips?

Dave Manley dlmanley at sonic.net
Fri May 8 00:07:00 CEST 2009

Beware the leadless QFN.  In my job we had a prototype board with 
leadless QFN, assembled by a very large, well-known manufacturer.  We 
had many board defects due to solder issues on QFN packages.  A real 
pain in the...


Adam Schabtach wrote:
> Coincidentally, a Digi-Key flyer in my mail today brought a new TI DAC to my
> attention:
> http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/dac9881.pdf
> SPI, 18 bits, integral linearity error of max +/-2 or 3 LSB, which I would
> think would be accurate enough for most CV needs. Looks like either US$27 or
> 39 in single quantities, depending on which accuracy option you go for.
> Unfortunately it's in a fiddly little leadless QFN package. I've seen a
> mention or two on the web of people hand-soldering these, but I haven't
> tried it myself.
> --Adam
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