[sdiy] can someone explain latches?

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ok thanks 

i am going to buy that book and also get out the cmos cookbook

i want to be ready when these da/ad chips get here

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> A "type D register" is like a digital S/H
> The "transparent latch" is like a digital T/H (track / hold)
> H^) harry
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> Dan,
> A "latch" is really just a transparent flip-flop. Quoting Horowitz and
> Hill:
> The term "latch" is usually reserved for a special kind of register: one in
> which the outputs follow the inputs when enabled and hold the last value
> when disabled. Since the label "latch" has become ambiguous with use, the
> terms "transparent latch" and "type D register" are often used to
> distinguish these closely related devices."
> Hence, a latch will follow the data input whenever it is enabled. A
> register follows the data input only on the transition of a clock pulse.
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