Parts selection was: Re: [sdiy] modern AD/DA chips?

René Schmitz uzs159 at
Wed May 6 13:20:54 CEST 2009

Dan Snazelle schrieb:
> ok here is another parts question
> I am looking for some easy to find DA and AD chips. they dont need to be super fancy (8,12 or 16 bits is plenty) for use in bit crushers, quantizers and maybe some other odd FX.
> the trouble i seem to have is picking them..there are SO many available and so many are expensive OR
> are when i find one on a schematic i want to build, they are often obsolete.
> also i have never used these before so good datasheets are always a plus !
> thanks!!

A nice search engine I came across for selecting parts is:

Lots of datasheets, search by function or part number, and you get an 
overview of more than one manufacturer.


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