[sdiy] Star ground?

Simon Brouwer simon.oo.o at xs4all.nl
Sun May 3 10:20:55 CEST 2009

David G. Dixon schreef:
> I have questions about "star ground".  Isn't it all pretty much moot as soon
> as one connects a patch cord between two modules?  
It would be, assuming that the patch cords have a ground conductor 
(shield) *and* that this will be connected to ground at both ends.
This can be avoided by using unshielded patch cords, patch cords with 
shield connected at only one end, or not connecting the ground on either 
each output jack or each input jack (these must then, of course, be 
isolated from the panel as well)
> Also, presuming that
> panels and jacks are grounded together, wouldn't all modules bolted to the
> same metal bracket be grounded together?  
Yes, but that would not be a problem if the whole set of panels were 
them collectively connected to ground *at one point* (so *not 
individually* at each module).

A practical problem with this approach in a modular synthesizer, is to 
ensure good contact of the panels with the mounting rails, because 
that's how they would connect to ground. The synthesizer I am (still, 
slowly) building is a semimodular, so it has only a single panel that I 
can simply run a wire from to the star ground.

Another approach could be to ground each panel individually at the 
module, but somehow isolating the panels from each other.

Vriendelijke groet, 
Simon Brouwer. 

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