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The topic comes up from time to time on the hardSID lists. I think Teli has it right that there were some 30 million C64s and 128s out there. Breathing life into even a part of one doesn't seem like a sin to me. Besides, the chips can be popped right back into a working C64. I understand the concern. There are a lot of people who part out working machines to make a sale on eBay. While I don't feel great about that, there are plenty of unloved machines floating around. And plenty of partially dead machines and boards. Pulling a chip doesn't (necessarily) destroy it. I'm still trying to get my coworker to pull his 64C out of storage and sell it to me as a tester for SID chips. I know it's in great shape, bad sadly, it's spent most of its life in a cardboard box.

I'm amazed to see how many different SID (6581 or 8580 flavor) hardware synths are out there. Frankly, I'm blow away by the SDIY community in general. For now, I just want to assemble other people's PCBs and make them all play nicely in my modular. I can't imagine what it takes design, test, build and write an OS for a one-off synth. 


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> c64's still go for cheap on ebay; how hard is it to pull the 6581 out?

Typically not, but that's like buying working synths just for cannibalizing.


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