[sdiy] "scanner" or voltage-controlled routing?( vc stage-address)

Andreas Wetterberg andreas at wetterberg.dk
Fri May 1 22:21:13 CEST 2009

hey all,

okay, this idea has been a driving force in my modular explorations for 
a while now:

I want to do a stage-addressable sequencing thing; 0-5v would switch it 
between stages, which would be x amount of voltage divider outputs, ala 
a normal sequencer.

I know the Serge TKB, cgs Programmer, Wiard Sequantizer and, in part, 
the Blacet Scanner and Doepfer a-152 v.addressed switch all have this 
functionality, but I am considering whether there would be much simpler 
ways of doing this?

At first my thoughts drifted towards the lm3914 Dot/Bar display driver 
for LEDs - simply set it to Dot mode and route each of these outputs 
through the attenuators and out. However I think it was mr. Haible who 
said that it had notable slew between its stages - the crossfade 
function also detailed in the datasheet for the lm3914.

Now, would a simple ad-da process be useful to make a stair-case signal 
that would eliminate this slew?

just throwing some ideas around here :)


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