[sdiy] request for help re arduino module pcb

Jason Proctor jason at redfish.net
Tue Jul 28 04:01:43 CEST 2009

>Don't think you understand me:)  Removing the chip from the board, 
>flashing the bootloader on it, etc., is entirely optional.  If you 
>want to put the chip in your own board, you can do very easily while 
>still maintaining the arduino benefits.  FTDI makes a cable that can 
>replace the USB connection on the arduino, and the only other 
>hardware it needs is a pair of caps and a crystal.

right. and this is one reason why i kinda recommend the Boarduino for 
doing this, as it's cheap, solders into a regular PCB, has its own 
USB, but it takes a regular format Ard chip so you can pull it out 
and stick it into something else.

or am i still misunderstanding you? :-)

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