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HARRY BISSELL harrybissell at wowway.com
Sat Jul 11 22:21:42 CEST 2009

The system at Larry's site is a hex guitar processor, it modifies
the sound of individual strings.

I did a project "Mono-PV" which is a pitch to voltage converter, it selects
one of three strings from a hex pickup (the lowest three, I use it to synthesize
a bass guitar sound) and has last note or low note priority. I did an adapter that
makes sawtooth waves at the fundamental and octave down, similar to the Roland GR-303

There were boards sold, I have one left. You might try on list or order from me.

The Electronic Peasant expanded the string selection to five strings for his Banjo.

Its not a simple project, BTW but there are a few successful copies from my board.

I was working on a full polyphonic version but children have absorbed most of my
DIY time.  If there was enough interest I could help a group build such a system.

H^) harry

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Hi Dragomir

> Florian, can you point me to an analogue guitar synth?
I think Harry Bissell's guitar synth is the best point to start. It is 
perhaps too much for the beginning, but you get an idea where to go to.


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