[sdiy] tl ic question

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Sat Jul 11 10:13:40 CEST 2009

there's a difference and was discussed here at lenght, if i remember  
correctly (perhaps you can find in the archives)

but you should be ok

not all stores stock tempcos but you can get them from the fabolous  
guys at magsmoke (the makers of mankato)

hope this helps :)


On Jul 11, 2009, at 9:47 AM, mailing gigaspeeds wrote:

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> Hi,
> Just starting out and have a couple of questions concerning parts  
> (again :p ).
> the TL series... there's TL072CP/CN/IP/BCN etc... a bit confusing  
> for a beginner :p
> For the mankato filter I need for instance tl074BCN but the store  
> where I order stuff only has the : TL074CP ... Is it ok to  
> substitute it ?
> Where lies the difference, or what is the most important value I  
> have to compare in a datasheet to see the difference ?
> The low noise model (IP), does it really make a difference ?
> I also can't seem to find the : tempco (or temco) 2K +3500ppm/C°,  
> do they have alternate names maybe ?
> as usual, thx for the help !
> Benjamin
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