[sdiy] Fine pitch etching (was: For breadboard lovers...)

Ben Lincoln blincoln at eventualdecline.com
Fri Jul 10 19:28:29 CEST 2009

I'd also be interested in hearing about this. I'd be happy buying the hot
roller transfer device if it really does mean not having to go at the PCB
with a clothes iron for several minutes (I tend to get RSI from that), and
especially if it somehow allows easy and reliable lining up of
double-sided designs.

It sounds like that's actually the more interesting product, since the PCB
kit just includes the various kinds of toner transfer paper and some blank
PCBs, with the laminator/applicator being sold separately.

- Ben

On Fri, July 10, 2009 10:13 am, Jerry Gray-Eskue wrote:
> HELLO....
> If you are not familiar with these guys you should give it a look.
> They are claiming to have the Toner Transfer down to an art with one try
> one
> board results using their Starter Kit and Laminator.
> If you dig around there is an interesting write ups on the transfer
> process.
> They also have other products and uses posted such as White (and Colors)
> Silk Screen transfers from Black laser printers suitable for Panels. I did
> not find any claims on Durability of these Panel Transfers but hard clear
> top coating is still an viable option.
> Interesting stuff If I had some free cash I would be giving this stuff a
> trial run.
> I second the question, anyone out there had experience with these
> products?

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