[sdiy] FPE prices = HOLY SMOKES

Olav Martin Kvern okvern at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jul 5 08:13:20 CEST 2009

Aaron wrote: "That's $265 in front panel stuff, and I still haven't done 
front panel  layouts for the balanced modulator and the timbre circuit. And 
I've only barely started on the PCB layouts for the random generator and 
the sequencer, and I haven't started the oscillators yet. So that's  another 
6 more panels, eventually."

CNC machines capable of making high quality panels--and circuit boards, for 
that matter--can be bought or built for well under $1500 now, including 
software (Mach II and CamBam, for example). Mine cost around $800--I'm 
kicking myself now for not building a bigger one for less. I now make 
circuit boards and front panels--and lots of other stuff (such as a light-up 
LED wiener dog panel for a friend's housewarming gift). It doesn't take many 
circuit boards and front panels to cover the start-up cost of the machine 
and software.

I'm just sayin'...:-)


Ole (who also thinks the FPE panels look lame, but that's another story) 

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