[sdiy] Seeking banana and 3.5 mm (i.e. 1/8") jack recommendations

Aaron Lanterman lanterma at ece.gatech.edu
Wed Jul 1 10:14:52 CEST 2009

Looking for panel mounts with solder lugs. For the bananas, looking  
for ones available in many colors.

I've heard Kobiconn are make good 3.5 mm jacks, but my goodness there  
are a lot to choose from!

Curiously, most of the banana jacks I see on various websites seem to  
have these solder "terminals" (i.e. no holes) that are a pain to solder.

Thank you all for the many recommendations you've made so far. This is  
my first journey into getting something fully assembled, i.e. not just  
having random jacks dangling off a PCB board.

- Aaron

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