[sdiy] modular conventions for input and output

nicolas nicolas3141 at yahoo.com.au
Mon May 26 02:09:18 CEST 2008

Hello All

I am beginning to put together a few things and wanted
to make sure I was on the right track so that what I
build now will interconnect with what I might build in
the future.  

What are the conventions for input and output voltage
levels, impedance, coupling, etc?  Are there any good
summaries of this stuff that you could recommend?

My understanding so far: - please correct me if you

Voltages:  Up to around 10V p-p for audio, CVs are
sometimes +/- 5V, sometimes 0-10V, generally 1V/octave
(but not always).  

Inputs: Coupling capacitors and a volume pot are often
first up for audio inputs, but if CVs are expected
then coupling is generally DC.  Input impedances
around 100K.

Outputs: Audio is sometimes AC coupled, CVs always DC
coupled.  Volume pots sometimes, but often not. 
Generally buffered to give an output impedance of
around 10K or less.  It seems that if I want to keep
the number of pots down, then I should be putting the
volume pots on the input side, not on the output side.
 But when to AC couple and when to DC couple?


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