[sdiy] Press-N-Peel Bluee and color laser printerS?

Adam Fothergill speedghost at btinternet.com
Tue May 6 15:38:11 CEST 2008

oh nothing serious, other than the expense of how much several  
mangled sheets of lazertran sets you back while try to get it to work.
In the end all it did for me was nasty paper jams, involving a lot of  
work to peel out the melted sheets.  This was from me trying several  
of the custom card stock settings and through the front feeder tray  
which apparently goes through a different path.

A few weeks after my expensive experiment, I happened to hear a  
rumour they'd changed lazertran slightly to cope with the new  
temperatures,  nothing on their site though. Perhaps I'll give them a  
ring at some point and find out.

On 6 May 2008, at 02:22, anthony wrote:

> I guess if it doesn't work, I can ake printouts of what I need and  
> run the PnP through a copier at Kino's. Those machines tend to have  
> a fairly straight paper pathway.
> What did you have to repair when you used Lazertran?
> aa
>> I'd like to know how you get on with PnP,   not tried it myself  
>> but I have a 2600n also and it doesn't play too nice with  
>> lazertran ( I  found the expensive way) and several over plastic  
>> like papers I was  trying for panels. The 2600n is of one of the  
>> newer breeds of lasers  with much higher bonding temperature, so  
>> would be handy to know if  PnP works ok.
>> Hopefully I can pick up a cheap old mono laser someday for   
>> lazertran,  In the meantime Im eager to learn a bit of screen   
>> printing for panel work.
>> Seems plenty of useful tutorial videos on you-tube for that btw..

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