[sdiy] Press-N-Peel Bluee and color laser printerS?

anthony aankrom at bluemarble.net
Mon May 5 22:49:14 CEST 2008

I just a got a nice HP Color LaserJet 2600n (for $299.99 on clearance) and 
one of the first uses to which I thought I thought to put it would be 
printing PCB layouts to the PnP Blue sheets that I got from Small Bear a 
little while ago. But then I looked at the paper pathway in this printer 
(which is otherwise awesome - I really like the way it lays on toner) and 
had 2nd thoughts on using it for this. Which is a drag because it's one of 
the primary reasons I bought it. I suppose if I tell it to print in gray 
scal it might bypass all those bends for each color besides black.

I thought about posting to a DIY stombox group first, but I fogured you guys 
have just as much experience with this sort of thing as anyone.

Another thing: what size drill bit would I get for the smallest typical part 
lead diameter to fit onto my Dremel press when I actually get around to 
etching a board and then need to drill it? I have a really small one in my 
Dremel kit, but I think it's probably still too huge.


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