Re: [sdiy] Holtek HT36A4 8-Bit Music Synthesizer‏‏

Samppa Tolvanen samppa.tolvanen at
Fri Feb 29 18:13:44 CET 2008


On 2/29/08, Eric Brombaugh <ebrombaugh at> wrote:

>  I notice that nowhere in the datasheet or on the website is there any
>  information about programming it. Since they specifically call out ROM
>  storage, that suggests it's a mask-programmed device that can only be
>  configured at the factory during fabrication. That's a bit problematic
>  for the average hobbyist.

Chips for mass market products, yes. But selection guide ( ) reveals OTP versions:

HT36RA4 (& HT36RM4)

Which then needs specialized programmer from Holtek. Pricing unknown :)


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