[sdiy] Dumb PWM question

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Thu Feb 28 12:51:51 CET 2008


I'm not sure the diagram is quite right, but the principle is sound.  
Yamaha's "FM" is really phase modulation, and one example of phase  
modulation is PWM, so FM will do the job.

Did you get my mail with the delay-line solution? It doesn't seem to  
have ever made it to the list...


On 28 Feb 2008, at 08:58, jbv wrote:

> please correct me if I'm wrong, but could PWM on triangle/sine/saw
> be obtained in a simpler way by FM modulation of 1 vco by the square
> output of another vco (hard synched with the 1st one) with PWM ratio
> different than 50% ?
>     http://jbv.silences.club.fr/sdiy/PWM_example1.jpg
> problems with precise amp adjustment of each half of the square period
> would probable arise though...
> JB
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