[sdiy] Ms20 filter clone PBC?

JH. jhaible at debitel.net
Wed Feb 27 20:47:28 CET 2008

>Just out of curiosity, why does it say "LP/HP slopes are -12dB/oct" ?  In
>the actual MS-20 it looks like the HP is -6 dB/Oct, since the output is
>taken from the same stage as the input.  Tim Stinchcomb pointed this out
>some time age in his detailed analysis. Is the MOTM module configured

You're right.
It's a 2-pole filter that can be re-configured as LPF and HPF and some crude 
Notch mode.
In HP-Mode the slope is 6dB/oct (yet resonant), just like the original MS-20 


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