[sdiy] Way OT - Who's the oldest?

Matti Kari maza at maza.fi
Wed Feb 27 09:28:51 CET 2008

Well, I'm 26.

I have to admit that I haven't even built my first synth or even a
module yet, since I'm more a rock musician (as you can guess I play the
keyboards and the gig rick consists of mostly vintage keyboards). What
probably doesn't surprise you that I'm a huge gear freak. I know quite a
bit about Hammond organs, Leslie speakers, tube amplifiers, etc.
Transistor circuits are too complex for me to understand ;)

I've built ~10 different tube amps, the latest being a 150 watt bass
head for our bands bass player, a lot of guitar effects pedals, a tube
microphone (more to come... got some used Neumann capsules for free!). I
also own a lot of synths that I just need to be able to keep in a good
condition, such as System-100M modular (quite a small setup), Minimoog
and Jupiter 4.

Matti Kari   ||   Vesalantie 38a, FI-00940 Helsinki
maza at maza.fi || http://maza.fi/ || +358 40 838 6607

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