[sdiy] Another chance to buy Tau Phaser boards!

JH. jhaible at debitel.net
Fri Feb 22 23:41:30 CET 2008


Apparently my 20-pole "Tau" phaser project ( 
http://www.jhaible.heim.at/tau/jh_tau.html ) has created more demand than I 
had expected.
The PCBs were sold out soon, and I've started to keep a waiting list, to see 
if another manufacturing run would be justified at some point.

I have now reached this point, not least due to a big order of Tau PCBs from 
Scott Deyo of Bridechamber. :)

If you want to have one or more Tau boards as well, please let me know as 
soon as possible.
Pricing is "as usual": EUR 27.00 per board, plus EUR 4.00 shipping flatrate.
(Ask for a discount if you want 5 boards or more, and expect higher shipping 
costs if you want them sent by registered mail.)

You probably know about my infamous order forms by now. :)
I really need the orders in that form, because of my clumsy means of 
Dont forget to use the required email subject line (that's the text that is 
visible without opening the email. :) )

Please send an email in this form, if interested:

Subject Line of your email:
"Tau Reissue Order [n] PCBs"      (where [n] is the number of boards you 
want to order)
Email Text:
"I'm ordering [n] Tau Reissue boards   (fill in number of boards again)
for EUR 27.00 each
plus EUR 4.00 shipping flat rate

I know that I'm only buying a printed circuit board, not kit, and have no 
guarantee to
build a working Phaser from this. As a buyer, I'm responsible for all 
aspects of safety
for the device I'm building with this PCB; no such responsibility may be 
assigned to
the seller and designer of the PCB. The descriptions how to build a Phaser,
given by the silkscreening on the PCB,  on the internet and elsewhere, are 
just to
be considered helpful hints, and do imply any responsibility of the seller / 
for damage and danger that may arise from what the buyer is building with 
the PCB.
By ordering one or more PCBs, I expressly agree to these terms.

[Your Name]
[Your shipping adress as it will appear on the shipping envelope,
including ZIP code and Country]

My paypal adress is
[fill in yout paypal adress]

Looking forward to hear from you!


As my waiting list contains a pottpurri of actual pre-orders and just signs 
of showing interest, I'm sending this
mail out to all on the waiting list directly, too. Regardless of what you've 
mailed me before, please send the
order described above, if you're still interested.

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