[sdiy] Type of Lithium battery to place in old synths

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Tue Feb 19 04:41:04 CET 2008

On Monday 18 February 2008 19:34, Gil W. wrote:
> when I come across a vintage synthesizer which has a
> NiCD battery inside, I usually convert the circuit so
> no recharging occurs anymore, and place a CR2032
> holder, with a battery dropped in of course.
> What bothers me is the high maintenance associated
> with using CR2032 batteries. AFAIK, these will only
> run for about 5 years or so. In that case you either
> need to replace them every few years, doing the entire
> tedious cassette preset dumps, or just use a larger
> battery.
> So which type of lithium batteries would you use for
> max. life ?

Two of them. That can be arranged so that you put one in,  then put the other 
one in about half the expected lifetime later,  and swap them out one at a 
time at similar intervals.

I can't recall now what the project was,  but one of Steve Ciarcia's articles 
in Byte magazine featured such a setup,  only in that case there were two 
coin cells and one of the dedicated chips to select whichever one was in 
better condition.

Seems to me that during the days I was running a battery store there was some 
sort of a PDA a customer had that used a number of coin cells to actually run 
and one for the backup purpose.  As long as you didn't take them all out at 
once you didn't lose any info.  :-)

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