[sdiy] Non-SMD CPLDs?

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 18 16:16:40 CET 2008

Richard Wentk wrote:
> Does anyone make a CPLD (or near offer) which isn't an SMD?
> I'm looking for something DIL-ish.
> (Educational project, in case anyone is wondering, for people who won't 
> have SMD experience.)

Atmel ATF750 & ATF2500 families come in 24 and 40-pin DIP and appear to 
be carried at Digi-Key, but I've never used them. They top out at 24 
macrocells and cost in the $5- $10 range.

Xilinx XC9500 series parts are still supported and have the following 

* 5V or 3.3V families
* Several sizes (36 - 288 macrocells)
* Free design tools
* JTAG programming with inexpensive cables
* Available in PLCC packages (socketable, 0.1" thru-hole)
* Sold thru Digi-Key, cost < $5 in single qty.

I've done a few things with these parts and they're capable. Like most 
CPLDs they're not amazing, but useful for small stuff.

OTOH - don't fear the SMD! Even if you need DIP/DIL you can put an SMD 
down on a DIP adapter. Soldering them is pretty painless.


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