[sdiy] Fume Extraction?

Dave Manley dlmanley at sonic.net
Sun Feb 17 05:38:14 CET 2008

Sam Ecoff wrote:
> O.k. So, realizing that inhaling tons of lead-laced smoke probably 
> isn't the healthiest thing I can do, I bought one of those weller 
> bench-top fume extractors that are like $50-60. It has a carbon filter 
> and draws most of the visible smoke away so long as I work relatively 
> close to it. Does anybody here know how effect something like that is? 
> As I said in my last post, my little son likes to sit with me while I 
> work (the reason I got the fume extractor in the first place) Should I 
> be planning to purchase something more elaborate in the future? If so, 
> any recommendations?
Hi Sam,

I hate to say it, but given the known effects of lead on the brain of 
children,  I'd be hesitant to let any small child anywhere near a 
soldering environment.  I'm not sure that there should be any lead fumes 
at soldering temperatures (although I see some websites report lead 
oxide in fumes), don't forget the tiny solder balls that form while 
soldering.  Also, many components have 'tinned' leads. The "tinning" 
being solder.  I'd be careful to make sure there's no way your son could 
be handling anything with lead on them, and then putting his hands in 
his mouth (or some other more indirect ingestion method).  It also 
reported that rosin fumes cause asthma.

All in all, electronic components, soldering, etc isn't the best thing 
for a small child to be around.


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